Women's Care Team

The purpose of the BVBC Women's Care Team is to minister to the spiritual needs of the hurting women in our church body.  No matter what crisis is facing you, the Women's Care Team is equipped to walk alongside you while offering support, prayer and spiritual encouragement.

Each person's situation is different and each situation is treated differently by the Women's Care Team.  The source of pain may be grieving a loss, navigating through the holidays, marriage issues, caring for elderly parents, or dealing with health concerns.  Care team support includes weekly contact, daily prayer, or potentially connecting the woman with additional outside resources or even attending a session/meting with her.

The New Testament bears witness to the presence of women providing ministry to women that the male leadership of the church were unsuited to provide.  The most prominent example is Tabitha (translated Dorcas) from Joppa (see Acts 9:36-43).  However, there are numerous exhortations in the Epistles for women to disciple and care for other women.  Each of the BVBC Care Team members have been vetted and recommended to the church for approval to serve in counseling and supporting the needs of women in our church.

In you are hurting, need more information, or would like to talk with someone on the Women's Care Team, please contact .  A member of our team will get in touch with you quickly.