Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of Blue Valley Baptist is to glorify God by helping people everywhere understand what it means to follow Jesus using the Five Habits of a Jesus Follower.

The vision of Blue Valley Baptist is to become a multiplying church that is actively establishing local campuses and planting autonomous churches locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally by 2028.  We will accomplish this by:

  • Remaining committed to our mission of helping people everywhere understand what it means to follow Jesus using the Five Habits of a Jesus Follower by:
    • Continually incorporating the language and declarations of The Five Habits in our preaching, worship, teaching, and messaging.
    • Teaching people the process of following Jesus using the spiritual disciplines so that our people actively engage Jesus to live their lives as Jesus would live them and personally teach others to do the same. 
  • Creating a multiplication culture in our church by:
    • Communicating that Jesus expects members of all ages at Blue Valley Baptist Church to commit to using their gifts, talents, education, vocations, and life experiences to share the Gospel of Christthrough their personal stories of following Jesus in their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and around the world.
    • Renewing a focus on the call to vocational ministry, especially co-vocational ministry, and especially among our children and students.
    • Constantly presenting the vision to establish campuses where our people are, and plant churches where our people aren’t.
    • Challenging adults to consider being a part of a new campus launch or a new church plant locally.
    • Challenging adults to consider relocating vocationally to other parts of the nation and world and partnering with church planters in those areas.
  • Maximizing our sending capacity by:
    • Eliminating current indebtedness in order to devote continually growing resources to multiplication.
    • Building the numerical and financial strength of existing campuses to their maximum potential, which will include creative use of existing facilities (possibly including non-traditional worship times) and possible limited capital projects.
    • Leveraging existing partnerships to aid us in multiplication, including:
      • KCKBA (Kansas City Kansas Baptist Association)
      • KNCSB (Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists)
      • NAMB (North American Mission Board)
      • IMB (International Mission Board)
      • MBTS (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
    • Explore relationships with new partners who can help us in our efforts to become a multiplying church.

12 Core Values:

  1. We value challenging our church family to take personal responsibility for introducing Christ to those in our circle of influence.
  2. We value challenging our church family to take responsibility for their personal discipleship and the discipleship others using the spiritual disciplines.
  3. We value plurality in leadership that facilitates our church’s focus on Christ as the Head of the Church and creates a culture of leadership development.
  4. We value challenging our church family to consider God’s call to co-vocational or full-time vocational ministry and sending those called out to serve God’s kingdom.
  5. We value ministry expansion through multiple campuses and church plants rather than ministry expansion at a single location.
  6. We value expository preaching done in a way that enables our post-Christian culture to hear Christ speaking throughout His Word.
  7. We value worshipping in a way that is inclusive of all generations.
  8. We value building small group community through Sunday School.
  9. We value age-graded ministry that complements the spiritual leadership of parents and that disciples the next generation of Jesus followers.
  10. We value systems and policies that provide support for a complex ministry.
  11. We value a strong understanding of church membership and believe that it carries both responsibility and privilege.
  12. We value engaging the spiritual and physical needs in our church and community through ministries we establish internally and working with local ministry partners externally.

Mission, Vision, Values