India Mission Project

India Mission Project Update:

The 2018 VBS was a huge success!  We had over 350 children from the Ramtekdi Slum attend and hear the Gospel!  We now have young men and women who are following Christ, as well as some of their family members!  Praise be to God.  We had 9 BVBC members teach Vacation Bible school as well as visit the children's homes and meet with their parents.  We were able to pray over some families.  We also visited the AIDS Care Home and spent time with the orphans and prostitutes’ children at Pastor’s house.  We once again were given miracles as the Father provided more than enough supplies when our numbers grew larger than anticipated!  “The Lord has done great things for us!  We are filled with joy!”

Rob and Stacey McCully, Cris and Mary Ann Smith, Donna Powers, Sally Zhao, Daniel Welty, Jim and Brittany Canady

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