About littleKIDS

A child learns more in the first five years of life than in any other five year span.  And in our littleKIDS ministry we want to make every opportunity count.

It is a privilege to come alongside you as you teach your child what it means to follow Jesus.  We strive to provide a God-honoring environment that is safe, clean and staffed with volunteers trained to provide a fun and developmentally appropriate curriculum for children birth through kindergarten. 

littleKIDS Sunday School

Sunday School is offered on Sunday morning at 9:30 and 11:00 am on both campuses.  Children, birth-Kindergarten, may attend one or both hours. Children may also attend worship with their parents.  Teachers in every classroom use Lifeway's Bible Studies for Life, in conjunction with the Levels of Biblical Learning, as a framework for teaching Biblical truths in a way that makes sense for young children.  Take home pages are provided to children each week to encourage continued teaching and learning with families throughout the week.


In the littleKIDS Ministry, we believe children begin learning about who God is from day one.  They learn the following key concepts:

  • God made me
  • Jesus loves me
  • My family loves me
  • People at church help me


Once your child begins walking and talking, the concepts of learning are reinforced from when they were an infant.  In addition, through activities, play and crafts, toddlers learn new concepts such as:

  • God gives rules because He loves me
  • Jesus grew and had a family
  • The Bible has stories about Jesus
  • God wants me to enjoy the things He made
  • People at church love me and teach me

Threes and PreK

At this stage, children are learning new ideas and are making choices.  Key biblical understandings are taught:

  • God hears people talk to Him when they pray
  • Jesus loves all people
  • The people in the bible were real people
  • God wants me to thank him for people, animals, plants, and things in the world
  • God wants people to work together


Our oldest kids in the littleKIDS Ministry are given the opportunity to learn skills and concepts to prepare them for the bigKIDS Ministry.  Kindergarteners learn:

  • People are special because God made them
  • Jesus is my example for how to treat other people
  • I can show my family I love them
  • God has a plan for me
  • People at church worship, pray, give, sing, read the Bible and listen to teaching and preaching
  • Missionaries tell people about God and Jesus in my country and in other countries.