Blue Valley Baptist Church

5|S Conference

5|S Conference

Saturday, January 22, 2022, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Antioch Campus, 8925 W. 151st Street, Overland Park, KS US 66221

Cost: $10.00

Dr. Donald Whitney is coming to Blue Valley!

He will be leading our first ever 5|S Conference on Saturday morning, January 22.  We will spend the morning focusing on our Sustain habit with Large Group Sessions, Breakout Sessions (you will have the opportunity to choose TWO breakout sessions), and breakfast.  All of this, plus one of Dr. Whitney's books, for the price of $10. 

Dr. Whitney is the Professor of Biblical Spirituality and the Associate Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has authored 9 books, including Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, and has spoken at churches around the world.

Register your attendance, choose your TWO breakout sessions on the form below.  Childcare is now closed.  Please contact the church office with questions at 913.897.9669.  Visit the Marketplace to pay your $10 conference fee.

Breakout Sessions
Each person in attendance may choose TWO breakout sessions to attend

“Praying for Your Children”
Speaker: Tracy McElhattan
Of course we want the children in our lives to follow Jesus and we pray for that to happen. But how do we pray for our kids or grandkids on a daily basis? What do we pray for? How do we strive to know our child’s heart so we know what to pray? Come join Dr. Tracy McElhattan and discuss ideas on how to cultivate conversation and specific strategies to pray in a meaningful way for your children.

“Fasting for Gluttons: The Scariest of the Spiritual Disciplines”
Speaker: Micah Hayes
Prayer? Check. Reading the Bible? Check. Memorizing scripture? I’ll do my best. But fasting? No way! That’s only for monks or fitness gurus or super spiritual people. The thought of going without food is too much for many of us, but why then did Jesus and early Christians make this a regular practice in their spiritual lives? What are we missing today? Join Pastor Micah as he talks about the reason you should incorporate fasting into your walk with Christ.

“Eating God’s Word with your Family: A Neglected Privilege”
Speaker: Kevin Pragel
Often times we idealize what it looks like to read the Bible together as a family. Rather than discipleship we get disruption, rather than spiritual fruit we get sibling fights, rather than cooperation we get chaos. This often leaves us feeling defeated and hopeless. But the good news is that is doesn’t have to be this way. Join Kevin Pragel as he walks through the ‘why and how’ of eating God’s word with your family.

“How to Make Disciples”
Speaker: Jonathan Lock
Discipleship seems like a scary and time consuming task. But it is one thing that we all know we need. Come learn the simple steps it takes to start a discipleship group and the tools to use to make it the time you look forward to each week. 

“When Worship Gets Personal”
Speakers: Jeremy Yarberry and John Hollan
What thoughts emerge when you see the word worship? For many it evokes images of music, preaching or church attendance, but such definitions are incomplete. Worship should take place not only when we gather, but also in our daily lives. What does that look like? This session will feature dialogue offering practical thoughts on how to infuse worship into the daily rhythms of life. Questions are welcome and conversation is encouraged.

“How to Love God with All Your Mind”
Speaker: Derrick Lynch
Did you know learning can be a spiritual discipline? Jesus called his followers "disciples" which is a term that means student. Join Pastor Derrick and learn about the value of learning to the glory of God. 

“The Gospel and Stewardship”
Speaker: David Neely
Donald Whitney says, “Stewardship is the care and management of that which belongs to another. While we often speak of things as “ours,” the reality is that all that we have and all we are belongs to another — God.” The discipline of stewardship is central to all other spiritual disciplines. Come learn how stewarding that which God has given us impacts how we use our time, talents, and treasure.

“Music to Memory”
Speaker: Jenn Keepes
Learning scripture at an early age is foundational to your children's spiritual future. What better way to teach them God's truth that through song? Join Jenn Keepes for this breakout and learn how to help your kids memorize the Bible using music.

“More Than a U-Turn”
Speaker: Zach Wiggins
Learn how God uses repentance to change more than our behavior. Join Zach Wiggins for a breakout session of this important and often-misunderstood discipline. 

“Using the Library as You Disciple Your Child”
Speaker: Faye Hudnall
Come join Mrs. Fay Hudnall as she shares her passion about using the library to grow your child’s faith! She will share many different resources available to you that will help you answer your child’s tough questions about faith and beyond.

“Practicing Being in His Presence”
Speaker: Jayme Lock
When life gets busy, intimacy with Christ often gets sacrificed. Unfortunately, this is all too true for many believers. But becoming like Jesus requires being with Jesus. In this session, you will learn what you can do to take your eyes off of the world long enough to let the truths of Scripture take root in your heart. 

"Journaling for His Glory"
Speaker:  Andrea Burcham
Journaling can seem intimidating, pointless, or too time-consuming, but it can be used as a tool for growth in your relationship with God and bring a new beauty and depth to your spiritual well-being and the disciplines you already practice. Journaling is as personal and unique as your relationship with the Lord, and looks different for every person. In this session we will discuss different types of journaling, their purpose, and how this practice may fit into your life.

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