Elder Selection Process

History and Background Information

After several years of discussion among our pastors and deacon leadership, our church voted in August 2016 to transition our governance structure from a senior pastor led church to an elder led church.  In accordance with our by-laws, our church authorized an Elder Examination Team (EET) in September to begin seeking out laymen from our church to serve along side our vocational elders (our pastors) as the first lay elders.  

We’ve designed this page to provide updates on the EET’s work, as well as to provide resources to educate you on the role of a lay elder.  We encourage you to use the helpful links listed on the right side of this page to access this helpful material.  Click here to email the EET.

Elder Nominations

Nominations for Elder were accepted from January 22 - February 19, 2017. After February 19, our Elder Examination Team began the vetting process for nominees.  Once the initial body of lay elders is determined, nominations may be submitted at any time.  Our first slate of elder nominees will be announced on Thursday, August 3, 2017.  This group of nominees will be voted on during our annual business meeting, August 27, 2017.

Elder Sermons

Please take the opportunity to listen to the January 8, 2017 sermon entitled "The Elder and His Work" from our miniseries on the subject of elders. 


Here is the second sermon from our miniseries "What the Bible Says About Elders"  from January 15, 2017.